Installment two of “Tinkerbellshortcake”: Macarons

Dear Niki,

It’s mango season! Actually, mango season is almost over, but I have a few more starch mangoes left. Our trees were so full this year! It has been awesomely delicious.

I was very ambitious today and attempted French Macarons using a recipe from Entertaining with Beth. She makes everything seem so simple and her videos are engaging and packed with lots of useful tips.

I have to tell you, it was not the easiest task finding almond flour. I called around to a bunch of health food stores and prices were so high! Luckily, I happened to stop in at Bel Air Store in Marabella on my way home and they had Bob’s Red Mill almond flour for less than $100 for one pound.. Hurray for lucky coincidences!


This was my first time using powdered food colouring…I used about 1/4tsp and this was the result: suuuper bright pink dough. All the recipes I looked at suggested you go a little overboard with the food colouring since the colour fades a bit after baking, but wowsers this was bright!


The bright pink did mellow significantly after baking and I was quite pleased with the final colour. I even got the little feet! (those are the ruffles on the edges of the cookie and apparently they are the mark of a well-done macaron cookie). So I was very happy with myself.


My grand idea to make a mango-cream cheese filling did not go so well…the taste was not bad but the mixture had a smell that was not the most appetizing.

Nice colour combo…not so nice smell…

With plain cream cheese, these things were so delicious! The tartness of the cream cheese is perfect for the sweetness of the cookies.

My tip for when you’re back in Trinidad: because it’s so humid here, the longer you let these sit before baking, the better they will turn out. An hour to an hour and a half should be good. And as a general tip, use the parchment paper!! I didn’t have any on hand at the time and getting these guys off the pan was a pain!

Hope you’re doing great. Here you go…Bon appétit! 



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