Installment four of “Tinkerbellshortcake”: Waffles

Dear Niki,

Feast your eyes on dad’s newest golfing payoff!


Isn’t it a beauty? It’s “The Next Grilleration George Foreman G5” with five interchangeable plates. One of those plates – waffle plates! I have my very own waffle machine!

There’s an accompanying cookbook with a basic recipe that I tried a few weeks ago. The waffles were delicious, but soft. I want that crisp outside and fluffy inside you get at a restaurant. So today I tried a  blueberry waffle  from “Entertaining with Beth”.

This recipe calls for blueberries and lemon zest, but luckily:

1) I went to PriceSmart to get dog food and saw their blueberries were $19.99! They’re usually between $30-40 so I immediately hustled over. Of course the reason they were so cheap is because half of them were bad, but I patiently searched through and found a crate with but two spoiled berries. Hurrah! 

2) We don’t have a lemon tree (or lemons on hand), but the lime tree out back has finally started bearing and it has started with a bang!



I had some trouble zesting my lime but wasn’t in the mood to search for the proper tool so there was barely any zest in there. I don’t think it mattered too much. These berries were quite sour. I suppose they added some vitamins…Sometimes they burst and the juice would burn and leave a bitter taste at the edges of a few of the waffles. I will admit that it makes me happy to get a bit of fruit in a bite aaaand you don’t notice the sourness when you smother these guys in homemade caramel sauce!


If I have to recommend a waffle recipe to anyone, this would be it! They are so light and crispy! Magnificent! I got 14 medium-sized waffles from this recipe, most of which will be going into the freezer for quick, delicious, future breakfasts and snacks. It’s good that you get a good amount from the recipe though, because you could probably easily eat about four of these in one sitting. They are just so light! The secret is the club soda, but I think the baking soda helps too.

I find you have to eat these right away or give them a quick reheat in the toaster oven or else they start to lose the crispiness and feel a little greasy. The next time I make them, I plan to use a couple tablespoons less butter and see how that goes.

Remember I said I would be putting that caramel sauce on everything?

Here is today’s breakfast. Bon appétit! 



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