Pocket change

Dear Niki,

Still in search of a source of income…

I’ve been dancing socially for about seven years. For the past three years, I’ve been taking it more seriously, trying new genres and pushing myself to be more disciplined and better overall. So I’ve done a few performances with the various schools I’ve attended and I usually post a picture or short video to social media. Turns out, most of my pictures are of food and dancing…these seem to be my passions so it would be fantastic if I could earn a living from either or both!

Since so many of my pictures involve dancing – me dancing, me at a dance event, other people dancing etc – an old schoolmate asked me to do a few classes with her students. I mentioned it in the intro to Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta. I was hesitant – I am not a dance instructor – but I decided to give it a try…seize the opportunity to enjoy (or hate) a new experience, grow as a person and whatnot.

 I did about four classes with the students from Tabaquite. They seemed very enthusiastic, but apart from about eight core students, the others seemed to have found other ways to use their time and $10.

School starts back this week, so we will see if they want to continue or not. Regardless, I actually enjoyed this experience. I have always thought I didn’t have the patience for teaching; but as long as the students are willing to learn and making an effort, I can do it all day! Maybe not all day, but one hour once a week was working out quite nicely. And I have to say, I missed it while we were closed off for the Christmas holidays.

So, teaching a small group of school children basic club Latin dance, at $10 per person, will not pay the bills, but it has been fun.

The search continues…


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