DIY Coffee Candle

Dear Niki,

It’s a new year and I am ready to throw myself into some projects! So far, I resized some t-shirts and now I am really excited to make some coffee-scented candles!

I came across a post from The Floridian Girl on DIY Coffee Candles which she found on Pinterest. So I headed over to Pinterest and there are tons of tutorials, all of which seem pretty simple.

Two methods appealed to me: (1) placing a tea light candle in a container with coffee beans so the heat from the candle releases the fragrance and (2) layering candle wax and coffee grounds/beans.

Method one is, of course, simpler and less time consuming. It’s also very pretty.

DIY Coffee-scented Candle
As seen on Floridian Girl’s Post

But I wondered if the scent wouldn’t be stronger and longer-lasting if the grounds were actually mixed in with the wax; so I tried option two, more or less following this tutorial.

I got a votive candle at TruValue Supermarket for about $10.00 and I used used coffee grounds that I’ve been saving for this project. I was recently gifted with a bag of the Parang Blend from Roastel, a local company that describes itself as a “small-batch, premium coffee roaster”. This blend has a hint of dark chocolate and the scent is heavenly before, during and after brewing, so I hoped that would translate into a really delicious smelling candle.

Most of the Pinterest tutorials for making the coffee candle used ends of burnt candles or wax for candle-making. My plan was to use a new candle, melt the wax, mix in the coffee and re-use the original container. So I had to do some googling to see how best to get the wax out of the container and found that I should freeze the candle. This is supposed to make the wax shrink (unlike water, which would expand) and pull away from the walls of the container so I could pop it out.

I put the candle in a plastic bag (just in case the glass cracked at the low temperature…I don’t know if these glass jars for candles are meant to be frozen) and popped it into the freezer.

After about an hour in the freezer, the wax could spin halfway around, but wouldn’t come out of the container. Being the impatient human I am, I tried to break up the wax with a knife, but this only got about half of the wax out, so I grudgingly put it back into the freezer.  Another hour in and it still wouldn’t come out, but by this time, I had already dug out about half the wax so I moved on to the next step 😀

DIY Coffee-scented Candle
Halfway there…might as well move on!

I put the bits of wax in a microwave-safe bowl and heated it at 30 second intervals, stirring in between.

I put 3/4 of the grounds (about 1 1/2 tbsp) onto the candle then poured on the melted wax. I let that harden a bit and then put the remaining grounds on top, making sure to pull the wick upright so it wouldn’t be covered by wax or grounds.

The fun part! I lit the candle and waited…to smell the beautiful coffee and to see if the grounds would burn…Sadly, the smell is not very strong, but luckily, the grounds don’t burn.

DIY Coffee-scented Candle

I think in a smaller room with the windows closed, this might be nice, but for me, this was a bit of a dud.

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Candle

  1. Thanks for taking my post and putting a great spin on it! Your candle actually looks really neat how it turned out! I actually tried it by just putting a candle in the beans and it was faint too but when I put it in my bathroom for a few with the door shut it did smell yummy! It’s faint, not over powering. I wish I could fugure out how to make it stronger!

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