Errand Boy TT

Dear Niki,

During the past year, I have been trying to figure out what career path I should take. What are my passions? What would I love to wake up everyday to do?

So far, no luck; but I realised that what I have to offer right now is time. Since I’m not working, I have all this free time. That’s my unique thing…it’s not a skill, but it is something I have that few others do.

I figured I had nothing to lose. I came up with a name, a friend of mine made me a logo and I now have a small errand service company. Still working on the website but I did a Facebook page and Instagram. I think working on the website will be a good distraction for me as I have been feeling down and unmotivated lately.

I had my second paying-job today and I realised that I should really try to get into this healthy baking craze. My client ordered a flourless banana bread which I collected and delivered to her.

I am now inspired to bake a flourless, healthy and delicious…something. My internet/Pinterest search begins pronto and hopefully I will find a recipe that is worth selling.

Send me links to any recipes you or your friends have tried.

Wish me luck!


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