Almond flour banana bread

Dear Niki,

I mentioned in this post I planned to make delicious baked goods without wheat flour. I already tried Almond Flour Brownies and now I’ve tried banana bread with almond flour. So far, no sales for these treats (haha) but I certainly enjoy eating them!

If you thought it was easy to make those brownies, this banana bread recipe is even easier! I got the recipe from Live Simply.

This was the first time I made banana bread. Is it supposed to be this simple? It seems to be one of those delicious treats that is not fussy at all. My kinda treat!

I find using honey in baked goods is a kind of a waste…is that strange? Honey is just not cheap! And I prefer not to cook it. This is not based on any science, it just feels wrong to me. Apart from that, I don’t have anything against sugar (in moderation). So I substituted 1.5tbsp brown sugar for the honey and I also added some chocolate chips 😀

I enjoyed the bits with the chocolate chips best so I will add more than a handful next time. I wasn’t sure how sweet the bread would be with 1.5tbsp sugar so I didn’t want to go overboard with the chocolate. With this much sugar, the bread is not overly sweet. I imagine it would garner no complaints from an elderly person (notorious for claiming desserts are too sweet).

Surprisingly, this is quite filling. Two slices held me from breakfast to lunch and I generally tend to feel hungry about two hours after having breakfast. It’s one of the reasons I skip “the most important meal of the day”. Have you seen articles suggesting that this is no longer true? First Pluto is not a planet and now this! :p

I’m always thrilled when I try a recipe and the creator sees and comments so I was so happy when I shared this on my Instagram and Kristin from LiveSimply said my slices were perfect 😀 😀  She has some recipes for natural cleaners that I’d like to try out too so stay tuned.

P.s. We’re in the middle of mango season in Trinidad and my starch mango tree is giving us at least fifteen mangoes daily. It is the best! Here’s some banana bread and starch mangoes for ya.

Bon appétit! 

Banana bread.jpg


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