Music Monday: George Michael

Dear Niki,

Do you remember when I got an Ipod Shuffle in Form Six? I was so excited, I filled it with music and the hour-long drives to and from school were so much better! I also felt quite cool and grown-up listening to my tunes with my headphones in while the younger children on the bus chattered away.

This was also around the time when I discovered and fell in love with George Michael. To be honest, this has been my longest and truest love affair. Is there anyone more beautiful and perfect? I’m yet to discover him/her!

I remember sharing the intro of “Waiting for that Day” with you. These were the days of Limewire and I had inevitably got a poor-quality file, so I only had the first fifteen seconds. I distinctly remember making you listen to it and then proclaiming that I knew I would love it and couldn’t wait to get the entire song. These were also the days of dial-up internet, and getting the whole song would mean leaving the file to download for about twenty-four hours. How did we manage anything in those days? Haha

So twelve years later, I am the proud owner of many CD’s and a live concert DVD  and “Waiting for that Day” remains one of my favourite songs. Regardless of what’s going on in my life, it always elicits an emotional response. There aren’t many singers able to infuse their songs with as much emotion as George. I knew it then and I know it now, I will always love him, his gorgeous voice and incredible music.

Which musician or song has stayed with you the longest or made the most significant impact on you?

For your listening pleasure:  “Waiting for that Day” .

Á bientôt!


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