6 tried and true hacks

Dear Niki,

I came across a blog post via Pinterest today about beauty hacks the writer didn’t believe. I always enjoy a good hack so I was curious to see what was on her list and why. I was so surprised that she hadn’t tried anything, but was merely saying why she didn’t believe they would work. Some of the reasons were a bit silly. But it got me thinking about all the lists of beauty, cleaning and life hacks I’ve read and the ones I’ve tried.

Here are six  I use all the time.


1.  Coconut oil as a makeup remover    Coconut oil as a makeup remover

I know some people have had bad experiences with coconut oil causing them to break out. Luckily, I haven’t had this problem and I’ve been using coconut oil to take off my heaviest makeup. I rub a generous amount (2-3 pumps from my bottle there) all over my face.

Note: waterproof mascara doesn’t come off completely for me, but I’ve seen YouTubers etc say coconut oil gets everything off.

2.  Glue to get a tidy manicure

Using glue to get a tidy manicureEverywhere I’ve seen this suggestion, a water soluble glue is recommended. You know, a basic white glue you would have used for crafts in primary school. So much cheaper and more readily available when compared with latex. I use a paint brush from my days of art class in secondary school to paint a thin layer of the glue around my nails. When it dries clear, I paint my nails as usual and then peel off the glue, easy peasy and mess free. I find this is much easier and faster than trying to use nail polish remover to clean up. And it’s fun to peel off the dried glue 🙂



1.  Baking soda and vinegar to clear drains

This works like magic! You pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1 cup vinegar. The tutorials usually say to put in the drain plug for a few minutes and then run warm water down the drain. I’m too impatient for that so I just let the water run when I stop hearing fizzing. You will notice immediately that the water runs out of your sink faster. (Tip: You can get two 4 litre bottles of vinegar for about $30 at PriceSmart)

2. Baking soda to clean smelly hands

If your hands retain scents from fish, meat, seasonings etc., a little baking soda and water can help get the scent out. Make a paste with some water, rub all over your hands and around the nails, let it sit a bit, rinse and wash with regular soap.



1.  Scribble to cross out words

Write random letters over the words you want to cross out. Makes the words illegible from the front and back of the paper.

2.  Wooden spoon to prevent pot boiling over

Tried and true hacks

Put a wooden spoon across your pot and it won’t boil over. Didn’t think this would work, but it does.





What are some hacks that have worked for you?


2 thoughts on “6 tried and true hacks

  1. I’ve never tried coconut oil before, how can I know wheher my skin is sensitive to it or not without ruining it completely?


    1. Please take into consideration I’m not qualified to give advice on this! But the general advice is to put a bit on the inside of your elbow and monitor it for 24 hours. Good luck!


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