DIY Cone Thread Stand that Works

Dear Niki,

Update! I started my sewing classes a two months ago. It’s not an official class, just me and my seamstress, so it has been a bit erratic, but I am almost done making my very first, from-scratch dress! And I’m excited about it šŸ˜€

My homework this week was to do piping on the armholes of my dress. I was having trouble finding thread to match my fabric and given my time crunch, I decided to just get the cone thread that matched. I don’t have a stand or anything for that type of spool, so to Pinterest I went.

I foundĀ this homemade solutionĀ from Angie Padilla and it worked perfectly!

Initially I put the cone thread in a mug like I had seen when I first searched on Pinterest. The problem with this (for me) was that the cone would fall to one side and that pressure would hinder the smooth release of the thread. I could hear the machine working harder to pull the thread along and that can’t be good.

Angie’s method of using the spindle from a CD case solves this problem and I used the mug to weigh down the case and make the “stand” more stable.

Cone Thread Stand Hack

I’m so happy I didn’t have to wait to get to a store and purchase a stand. I was impatient to start my project and I know I won’t be using cone thread like this on a regular basis so I really didn’t want to spend extra money on a stand.

Should you ever need/want to use cone thread with a regular sewing machine, this is the best hack. You don’t have to spend any money on a stand and it works!

Happy hacking!



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