About Me

Like many persons, I graduated university, got a job and started working with the hope that my work would make a difference to my country and the environment. Like many persons, I felt trapped and stuck in a job that was unfulfilling and often depressing. But bills don’t pay themselves and money doesn’t grow on trees, so I resigned myself to get through 8am-4pm Monday to Friday and enjoy my life after 4pm and on weekends.

I toyed with the idea of starting my own business, being my own boss, but without a novel business idea, I felt it was safer to stay where I was – getting through the week, waiting for the weekend, collecting a monthly salary – until I could come up with a better plan.

In the last quarter of 2015, three years into my last job, my brother was killed. Thinking about him, his choices and life plan, made me reconsider many of the choices I had made and had been making. The sudden loss of someone so full of energy, with such a passionate approach to living, really brought home the fragility and unpredictability of life. What is the point of suffering through your week? What is the point of living a quiet, conventional life, waiting for annual vacation to start living?

Long story short, I quit my job and have been trying to figure out how to enjoy each day and how to earn money while doing that. I haven’t found a way to earn money yet, but I have certainly been enjoying learning to cook/bake through trying recipes and DIYs, leaving my reviews here. Will I ever start selling treats under the name “Tinkerbellshortcake”? Or will I find a niche avenue to explore? I suppose time will tell.