What happens when you wash your face with baking soda and coconut oil?

Does it work? Does this coconut oil and baking soda face scrub live up to all the claims? Here’s what I found after three weeks of using this mixture.


From bandage to beautiful

I’m not the best painter or artist in general, so painting or drawing leaves on the cloth was never in the plans. But how much skill do you really need to dab paint on to cloth? Not much! Drab to fab scarf 🙂

Installment four of “Tinkerbellshortcake”: Waffles

Dear Niki, Feast your eyes on dad’s newest golfing payoff! Isn’t it a beauty? It’s “The Next Grilleration George Foreman G5” with five interchangeable plates. One of those plates – waffle plates! I have my very own waffle machine! There’s an accompanying cookbook with a basic recipe that I tried a few weeks ago. The waffles…… Continue reading Installment four of “Tinkerbellshortcake”: Waffles